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We outsourced our Immigration operations to Kharis Global Group in 2014 and till date we are extremely satisfied with their services and professionalism. They do an excellent job, they value both time and money and deliver solutions within the stipulated timeline and enhance corporate values. They have been very reasonably priced as well. We are extremely satisfied with the way they conduct their business and hope that you have the same pleasant experience with them.

Yasir Mermon

Account Manager, TECHSURGE

General Consultancy Services

Consultancy is a professional advisory service provided to an organization, firm or individual that usually shapes business strategy towards achieving a particular result.

Consultancy requires more than expert advice”:

We have on board a team of highly dedicated and experienced experts who are very willing to assist with your needs. In our General Consultancy Services resource pool, notable features include the integration of technology with the right business strategy, talent, and efficient execution tactics.

Our domain experience in Consultancy services is cross industrial , making it relatively easy for us to deliver value added services to our clients.

Here at Kharis, we understand that consultancy requires more than giving expert advice, as this is merely a fragment of the consultancy process. The definition, diagnosis and implementation of the recommended solutions are also included in the process. A legitimate function of consultants is understanding the context of cases presented and developing viable solutions.

With a cumulative industry experience and expertise of close to 14 years we can assure you of quality Consultancy Services for the future.

Our General Consultancy Services remains one of our prominent and distinct services within the array of excellent services we provide. We not only provide top notch standard consulting services across industries but also ensure that the beneficiaries of these services are always satisfied.

There is virtually no limit to the services we provide in terms of expertise, proficient delivery, timely execution and expected results or outcomes. Our advisory services have proven to be effective in various industries where they have been requested over time. This is as a result of our devotion to providing consultants who investigate and diagnose problems related to their field of expertise or operation while providing suitable suggestions and assistance when requested in implementing these solutions.

Kharis Global Group – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

We understand the need to invest effort, devote attention and resources to increasing the value of human capital. Therefore the need for constant development and training to revamp and maximize the potential of already existing employees cannot be downplayed. By virtue of the fact that excellence requires continuous deliberate effort, we provide you the best in order to produce the best.

We take on the responsibility of the planning, procurement and execution of a project, in any undertaking that has a defined scope, defined start and a defined finish; regardless of industry.

Our Offshore Services include services that are required for your company’s offshore operations such as loading, unloading, repairs and transitioning. Our Offshore Support Services are mostly logistical in nature and has helped several companies enhance their processes.

This also includes processes such as serving the ships with resources such as equipment repair, communications, meal servicing and safety measures.

Also, our services are custom made for every client according to their needs. We understand that every client has a different risk profile and unique set of challenges. This is the reason we ensure that they are offered a bespoke solution that are in sync with their specific needs.

General Supplies

Kharis Global Group also provides general supplies for various multinational companies operating across various industries.

Our General supply services include but are not limited to administrative supplies, operating supplies and other form of supplies that facilitate the smooth and seamless running of operations.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide commendable services that are tailored and structured to the exact tastes and preferences of our clients.

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