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We outsourced our Immigration operations to Kharis Global Group in 2014 and till date we are extremely satisfied with their services and professionalism. They do an excellent job, they value both time and money and deliver solutions within the stipulated timeline and enhance corporate values. They have been very reasonably priced as well. We are extremely satisfied with the way they conduct their business and hope that you have the same pleasant experience with them.

Yasir Mermon

Account Manager, TECHSURGE


We provide companies with effective and efficient payroll, taxes & compliance, benefits and a variety of other human resources and compliance functions.

Working in collaboration with us to provide this service is very beneficial in terms of time saving. Our Clients save themselves from the strain of having to support HR services on their own.

Our Employer of Record Services eases the burden of human resource, tax etc thereby allowing our Clients become compliant and avoid financial penalties and other business sanctions that comes from being non-compliant. This is also helps in risk avoidance for the Client.

Moreover, international employees of our Clients benefit from our Services because of timely payment of salaries, proper payment of taxes and also that their employers are operating within compliance of all local laws and standards.

Our contractor / expatriate management services is a well-rounded service that involves the use of control measures to ensure that a contractor is properly managed to produce efficient and effective results at their designated places of assignment.

With regards to the effective management of your talents (both locals and expatriates), we make it our priority to guarantee that contractors and their dependents are fully catered for in order to create a safe and productive environment for work.

We implement a system that manages all contractor’s health, safety and insurance information as well as arrange affordable furnished or unfurnished luxurious accommodation and car rental services for our clients upon request.

All these auxiliary services are designed to give your human capital the utmost peace of mind, an inspiring and rejuvenating work & living experience. Enabling them to work efficiently, making your company more productive and eventually profitable. Our management and expatriate support services are deployed in Ghana, Nigeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cameroon, South Africa, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

We provide bespoke meet and greet services to Expats/Contractors embarking on projects. To ensure that passage processes through airports are quick and easy while being fully compliant to safety and security protocol. Our greeters will help passengers navigate through airport security, paperwork, and physical challenges that are part of international travel.

Payroll management & Tax Compliance, our highly sought after service by international and local organizations. We assist your employees to maximize the value of their income.

Our strategic corporate relations with the Tax & Revenue authorities will help your human capital benefit from the multiple tax regimes available for the working class in their country of operation.

Moreover, we assess some companies and industries to become entitled to tax holidays, reduced payment concessions, based on their industry class and location. This allows such organizations to benefit financially from these concessions available, without compromising on the standards of compliance in accordance with the laws of the country in which your business operates.

Our company has offered Payroll & Tax Administration solutions to consultants working in some companies such as MTN Ghana and Nigeria, Airtel Ghana, Vodafone Ghana, Nokia solution networks Ghana, Ericsson Ghana and Nigeria, Huawei Ghana and Nigeria, Future Solution Chartered Accountants, Von-Essen Consulting Switzerland, Febe & Associates.

Kharis Global Group – we help companies assess their skills and choose a new direction which utilizes the talents of the team and resources most productively.

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