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Kharis Global Group is a global HR outsourcing, employer of record, global staff management & immigration support firm that provides pragmatic business solutions to a wide scope of companies in various industries across the United Kingdom, United States of America, Europe, Africa and the United Arab Emirates.


We provide expert and timely solutions for your human capital in order to increase your productivity

With expertise, we provide you with the benefits of convenience, timeliness, flexibility, quick market entry, and resource optimization. To streamline your focus towards increasing profitability.

We have the mechanisms and systems in place to ensure the financial stability of your company and also help your Human Capital benefit from the multiple tax regimes available for the working class in their country of operation in accordance with the laws of the country in which your business operates..

We assist you to acquire your work & residence permits, business visas, visa extensions/ validations, visas on arrival, re-entry visas, letters of invitation and so much more, permitted they are immigration related requisites.

We offer comprehensive administrative support solutions to a wide scope of companies in various industries globally. Our services are dedicated to improving your operational efficiencies while simultaneously driving bottom-line benefits to your organization.

Kharis Global Group has several years experience providing support services in various industries including Upstream Petroleum Industry.

Looking for a First-Class Employer of Record & Business Consultant?


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